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Refining Your Own Gold At Home

by Daryl Simmmons

Building financial wealth is an important goal for many consumers today. If you are worried about losing your financial wealth in the event of a bank crash, it can be wise to start storing your own gold at home. Refined gold can be used as currency when paper money no longer holds value.

Here are some simple instructions to help you get started with the process of refining your own gold at home.

1. Gather the right equipment.

To safely refine your own gold at home, you will need access to some basic equipment. Start off by investing in a small plastic spray bottle, a plastic turkey baster, a small plastic funnel, and some plastic spoons.

Next, search your kitchen for some empty glass spice bottles and a small glass bowl that you can dedicate to your refining activities. As you search for your glass materials, be sure that the glass is able to stand up to repeated exposure to boiling water without shattering.

2. Gather your refining chemicals.

In order to purge the contaminants from the gold you will be refining, you will need access to a few basic chemicals: nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Nitric acid, a highly corrosive chemical that can cause serious burns if handled improperly, dissolves any metal contaminants (like copper or silver) from your gold.

Hydrochloric acid is responsible for removing any organic contaminants that could affect the purity of your refined gold. These chemicals can be purchased from a chemical supply company, and should only be handled while wearing gloves and protective eye goggles.

3. Begin refining your gold.

Place your gold nuggets or scrap pieces in a glass spice jar. Add equal parts of water and nitric acid to the jar, and place in a bowl of boiling water. As the nitric acid dissolves metal contaminants it is essential that you keep your gold in a ventilated area to allow gases to escape. Once there is no bubbling in the spice jar, dilute with water until the gold pieces are rinsed.

Add the gold pieces to a second spice jar filled with hydrochloric acid to remove any remaining contaminants, then rinse thoroughly with water. Place your processed gold pieces in a plastic spoon, and slowly melt them together. Spritz the melting gold with your water bottle to control the melting rate, and allow your newly refined gold to cool once all the pieces are melted together.

Refining your own gold at home is a great way to turn old jewelry, gold nuggets, or small gold pieces into valuable refined gold.

For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Mid-States Recycling & Refining.