making recycling fun

Top 3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Recycling

by Daryl Simmmons

By now most Americans have heard about the benefits of recycling. But even if they know why recycling is so important, the process can be a difficult one for many households to adopt. So when it comes to teaching your kids the benefits of recycling, you may need to take it slow and make things fun. Luckily, this is one task that not only benefits your family but your community as a whole. Start teaching your kids the benefits of recycling today and lessen your carbon footprint at the same time!

3 Ways to Make Recycling Fun for Kids

Read Together

Read up on the subject of recycling with your kids and learn the basics together. You can contact your local waste management company and recycling center for free literature on the subject and even pick up books geared especially towards kids at the local library. 

After you've read over the materials take time to discuss recycling with your children and answer any questions they may have. Talk about recycling at home and what they can do to get their friends and classroom involved.

Make Recycling Fun

Get crafty and make personalized bins that will house your recycled paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum items. Let your kids decorate each bin however they want with supplies like paint, paper, stamps, and even glitter.

Stick to images of the items that will go inside each bin to act as a helpful reminder to the little ones in your home when they start to use the bins on their own. This is also a great opportunity to discuss why we separate recycling into different bins for either curbside recycling or a trip to the local recycling center.

Visit Your Local Recycling Center

Whether your local waste management offers curbside recycling or not, its a good idea to make a visit to your local recycling center such as Industrial Services Inc to see how the process really works. Make a day out of it and take a family trip down to the facility to meet the people that work and volunteer at the center.

Your children will get first hand experience on where all of their recycling goes and get a chance to talk to people who are experts on the subject. As an added bonus, a visit to the local recycling center gives you an opportunity to inquire about possible volunteer opportunities so that you can give back!