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3 Tips For Getting The Best Use Out Of Your Roll Off Dumpster

by Daryl Simmmons

If you have the need for a roll off dumpster, you might want to review the following three tips for getting the best use out of it while you have it. This way, you might just be able to save yourself a little bit of time and money.

Get A Slightly Larger Dumpster And Share

Decide how much of a dumpster you will actually need. Once you have determined that, you might want to consider the price of the next largest dumpster. Sure, you might not need the additional space. However, your neighbor might. Since the next size up is not normally double in price, you should get that dumpster, share it with your neighbor, and split the cost. This will allow you to make use of the same amount of space that you originally wanted and pay a little less for it.

Pack It From The Back

You might be full of energy now, but by the time you are done filling that dumpster you might feel a little different. In order to save your energy, you will want to open the back dumpster door and walk all of the heavy stuff to the other end of the dumpster. This will not only allow you to save energy by avoiding throwing everything up and over the sides, but it will allow you to carefully pack in a lot of things so that they are as compact as possible. This will give you more room to add many more things.

Save The Appliances For Another Method Of Removal

If you have a lot of things to put in the dumpster, you might want to keep any large appliances out of the way. Just imagine the amount of space you would lose to a single stove and refrigerator. Plus, many dumpster companies will not allow you to dump anything with coolant in it, such as a refrigerator, unless that coolant mechanism has been removed. Instead of going through all of that and wasting space in the dumpster, you can sit the appliances on the curb and place a sign on it stating it is free scrap for the taking. Give it a couple of days, and you will most likely find that someone came for the scrap metal.

With those three previously mentioned tips, you should have absolutely no problems making sure that you are getting the best use out of your roll off dumpster from a company like East Central Sanitation & Recycling.