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A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Strip-On-Spot Copper Wire Buyer

by Daryl Simmmons

Copper is an ideal electricity carrying material, so it is used in all kind of wires and electrical items. If you are in the business of harvesting scrap and recycling it for cash, specializing in copper wire is always a good idea. This metal is highly recyclable and more valuable than a lot of other scrap metals. The only downside to copper wire recycling is that it is usually covered in plastic. You can find some copper wire buyers who offer strip-on-spot services, which basically means they have equipment to strip your copper wire for you. Take a look at the pros and cons of these buyers. 

Pro: You will not have to strip wire yourself before taking it in. 

Those who make extra money off of scrap copper wire may be left to their devices to strip the wire before taking it into a buyer. Some people go through the trouble of stripping the wire by hand. Others may even burn the outside encasements off the wire. By working with a buyer that has on-site wire stripping equipment, you will rarely have to mess with stripping the wire on your own. 

Con: You may only be able to take in wire for stripping that is a certain diameter. 

Most wire buyers who offer strip-on-spot services have a machine on site that automatically strips rubber or plastic-coated wire. However, the machine may only strip wires that are certain diameters. Therefore, if you have really large copper wire or really small copper wire, the machine may not be able to strip the wire for you. 

Pro: You can make more money from the copper wire you do have. 

In a lot of cases, when you take in copper wire that is unstripped, recycling centers or buyers will not give you the same price for the copper because it is not pure. If you are working with a copper wire buyer that has a strip-on-spot operation, they will run your wire through the stripper before weighing it so that you can get a fair price. 

Con: You may be charged a small fee for wire stripping services. 

To cover the costs of operation, most copper buyers who have stripping equipment will charge a small fee if you want your wire stripped before you sell it, which is understandable. Even if you are charged a small fee for the stripping, you could still walk away with more money in your pocket.