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Tips To Keep In Mind When Getting Rid Of An Old Air Conditioner

by Daryl Simmmons

If you know you will be upgrading to a new air conditioner unit when summer returns, you might be looking to dispose of your old unit. But getting rid of an old air conditioner may be more complicated than you might think. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to get rid of your old A/C.

You Likely Cannot Just Put It On The Curb

Air conditioners contain coolant, and this is a substance that could be harmful to the environment if it comes into contact with the land. It's for this reason that many cities and towns forbid their local garbage services from just picking up an air conditioner off of the curb with the rest of the trash. However, some communities do offer dedicated drop-off centers where you can take your air conditioner to be safely disposed of or recycled.

Call your local municipality's garbage service and ask if they have any advice on what to do. In most cases, you'll be told to look elsewhere because curbside pickup might not be an option.

You'll Need to Take Your A/C to Someone Certified to Remove the Coolant

If you get no help from your local town, you'll be on your own as for how to properly dispose of your A/C. So first things first, if you want someone to actually take your old air conditioner to a landfill or otherwise get rid of it, you'll need to first have an air conditioning or HVAC tech remove the coolant from the air conditioner. This coolant should be handled carefully and disposed of according to whatever your local regulations are for hazardous waste.

Keep in mind that if it's discovered that you dumped an A/C with coolant still inside into the local landfill or garbage pit and it's somehow traced back to you, there might be even legal reprucussions like a fine for violating local environmental regulations. It's best to play it safe and make sure the coolant is removed.

Contact an Air Conditioning Recycling Company

One additional solution that might make your life easier is if your town has an air conditioning recycling company or facility. You can simply drop off the A/C with the coolant still inside, knowing that the recycling center will properly remove and dispose of the coolant without you having to worry about it. You'll also feel better about doing your part for the environment instead of letting yet another A/C end up in the landfill.