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3 Signs You Need To Call Professionals For Grease Trap Maintenance Services

by Daryl Simmmons

Running a restaurant comes with many responsibilities, including grease trap cleaning. As the name suggests, this trap serves as a receptacle for fats, grease, and oil emanating from the kitchen. It works by making oily components float, allowing the water to flow into the drainage system.

That said, you need to know when to contact a grease trap maintenance service. Otherwise, you might have slow or clogged drains or be in trouble with relevant authorities. So keep reading to find out the warning signs to look out for.

1. Slow Drainage

Do your sinks seem to be slower than they should? If so, the grease trap is most likely to blame. As mentioned earlier, the trap functions by trapping all the grease produced by kitchen activities. Over time, the grease may solidify and form a cap that compromises wastewater flow. Failure to take immediate action means that the wastewater might start backing up, which can create a significant health hazard to your employees and clients.

2. Foul Smell

A foul smell suggests that it's time for grease trap maintenance. This is especially true if the odor won't go away even after cleaning your kitchen several times. Remember that the trap contains a mixture of many things, including sludge, fats, and food wastes. Therefore, such a concoction is likely to emit an odor after some time.

Keep in mind that the foul smell can adversely affect your restaurant's reputation. For example, clients might assume that you don't take hygiene matters seriously. Therefore, you need to call a professional for a grease trap maintenance service when you notice the odor from the grease trap.

3. Grease in Odd Places

The presence of grease in odd places in your kitchen, such as sinks, suggests that the grease trap needs to be cleaned. The grease finds an escape route when the trap is in bad shape. As a result, it ends up in unexpected places such as water lines, faucets, sewer pipes, and sinks. Therefore, if your kitchen surfaces seem oily, you need to contact professionals for grease trap maintenance service as soon as you can. Otherwise, the operations in your restaurant might be affected due to the unfavorable working environment.

Grease traps play a vital role in every restaurant. Without one, you will likely experience several issues like unpleasant odors and clogged drains. The best way to keep such issues at bay is to contact a grease trap maintenance professional when you notice any of these warning signs.